World Of MBS


MBS (CREATE-INNOVATE-INSPIRE) was at first the solo-entrepreneurship conceptualized in 1996 by Marie-Berdine Steyn when she was 9-10 years old; and officially founded on 14 February 2008 by offering editing- and writing services, and selling products online.

Today, Marie-Berdine and her life-partner, Rakesh, both work in MBS, and focus on delivering a full-service experience to clients from around the world.

They are dedicated to bringing together a diverse range of services, products and initiatives, since they believe that life on Earth is not meant to be singular and monotone, but diverse and expansive in nature.

Creation, Innovation and Inspiration are, therefore, at the heart and soul of how things are done at MBS.

World Of MBS


We love creation, innovation and inspiration . . . 

Human beings have always been creators at heart; creation inspires us, makes us excited and happy, and brings us joy in so many ways. Creation can take on many forms; whether we create a human being to join us here on planet Earth, or we create a new invention to make life just a little easier, at the core of who and what we love to do as human beings, is creation.

But creation does not stand alone. Innovation and inspiration are also important elements in understanding and creating a better life on Earth. As such, through MBS and the variety of services (MBS SERVICES) and products (MBS CREATE-INNOVATE) we deliver, we have the desire to inspire individuals from around the world to reconnect to who they really are or aspire to be, and to create a destiny for themselves and those around them that gets them excited to be here. That is why the world of MBS was created in the first place – to provide a platform to connect, create, share, innovate and inspire.


At the end of the day, as human beings, we are not only on Earth to earn a living, but to create a life for ourselves that is meaningful, filled with love, environmentally friendly and sustainable. When I created MBS, my aim was to create a company that would give back to planet Earth, society and other life and non-life forms. At MBS we are not only focused on being a successful company, but on ensuring human beings create happy and joyous lives on Earth for themselves and their children.

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